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Organizations are constantly trying to figure out how to improve and do more with less, especially with today’s budgetary pressures. We must not only find a way to improve our companies and countries, but we must find a way to optimize them. How do we get the biggest strategic bang for our budgetary buck? There is a continuous pressure on leaders to improve margins and provide better financial value for its shareholders and citizens.

Organizational Optimization is the new way to look at your organization, assess it’s current health and optimize it’s future potential. Its purpose is to strategically align the organization, optimize the execution of its strategy, and culturally set the stage for growth and prosperity. It can be applied to any type of organization whether an international conglomerate, a federal agency, a city, a professional sports team or an entrepreneurial organization looking to optimize their true potential.

Organizational Optimization Framework

  • Strategic Optimization – Strategic alignment using strategy maps and cascaded goals deployment
  • Performance Optimization – Cascaded organizational performance measurement system
  • Process Optimization – Enterprise-wide optimized value streams to gain the holistic view from a process perspective
  • Improvement Optimization – Aligned improvement efforts utilizing strategic lean six sigma
  • Resource Optimization – Optimal utilization of resources: workforce, space, energy & supply chain
  • Financial Optimization – Optimize financial assets to maximize organizational value
  • Systems Optimization – Optimal utilization of technology in support of operations
  • Knowledge Optimization – Shared intellectual capital and information
  • Relationship Optimization – Synchronized relationships internally and externally
  • Innovation Optimization – Innovation thought leadership for growth
  • Cultural Optimization – A supportive collaborative culture to be the best
  • Market Optimization – Optimize channels to maximize reach and gain predictability
  • World-Class Optimization – Benchmark the best and leverage best practices

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Press Release: New Book Introduces Organizational Optimization

“A remarkable book on finding your azimuth and getting on the right path to optimize any organization. It is a bright laser that cuts across the murky world of organizational improvement and enlightens all of us leaders who continuously look for the best way forward for our organizations.” – Retired Military Leader

(PRWEB) January 1, 2015

At a time of severe fiscal constraints under the threat of looming forced budget cuts to the military, federal agencies, cities and companies, a new organizational improvement methodology is being introduce in the new book “Organizational Optimization”. There is a continuous pressure on leaders to provide better services and improve financial value for its shareholders and citizens. How can organizations get the biggest strategic bang for their budgetary buck?

Organizational Optimization is a new way of strategically optimizing your organization, not just improving it. Author, Robert Hutcherson, presents the new methodology and breaks down each potential category of optimization. It holistically assesses your organization in its current state, typically reactive and presents a path to a proactive agile future state. Organizational Optimization sets the path for strategic alignment and optimum execution throughout the organization.

The methodology is applicable to any type of organization whether an international conglomerate, a federal agency, a city, a professional sports team or an entrepreneurial organization looking to optimize their true potential. Regardless of past improvement endeavors, organizational optimization guarantees getting you the biggest bang for your budgetary buck.

About the Author

Robert Hutcherson is a veteran organizational improvement professional since the 1980s working with various commercial and federal clients including the largest ever Lean Six Sigma deployment throughout the entire United States Army. Many of these deployments have won Pentagon-level awards as the “Best Deployments” and “Best Enterprise-Level Projects” and have benefited clients with cost savings of over $2 billion.

Robert is the owner and founder of Optimize Consulting, Inc., a minority (8a) Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). He created Optimize Consulting back in 2010 due to the Sub optimization outcomes of many lean six sigma deployment efforts that have occurred throughout the years in the federal and commercial markets. When a client initiates an organizational improvement effort, that client should expect to get the “Biggest bang for their budgeting buck” or optimal effort and not just another improvement/training program. This is the perspective that Robert and Optimize Consulting brings to its clients. “Don’t just improve, but Optimize”. Robert is very passionate about Organizational Optimization and the value it can bring to a city, state, country, business or sports team.

Robert was born in Zaragoza, Spain in 1961 and resides in Florida with his wife, Christie, and twin boys, Daniel and Benjamin. He graduated with a Master’s degree in Business Management and Bachelor’s in Industrial Technology.

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